When To Apply Concealer Before Or After Foundation?

If you are a starter to make use of the makeup products you will not be able to know about everything that is inside it.

You will have a lot of creams that are based on the step of layers which have to be applied to your face before you make use of the makeup.

foundationMany people will doubt whether the concealer should be applied to the face before the foundation or after.

To know about whether to apply green concealer before or after foundation continue reading this article will help you to go on the right path.

When you apply the concealer properly on your face they will drift you to a great level in which you cannot believe your eyes. You can find a big transformation that is taking place in your face.

Don’t forget to apply the primer at the start this is very important. This is applied at the start because in the products you use there will be a high content of chemicals, to protect your skin from them, and also to give an even touch to your face this primer has to be applied at the beginning stage.

Foundation has to be used before the concealer is being applied. When you use green concealer with foundation you can highlight only the places which you wish to. You cannot highlight all the places of your face because that will look awkward.

From this article, you would have come to know about using the green concealer before Vs after foundation. This will give you a good result if you follow in the right way.

Bottom line

The most important thing that you have to consider is you have to buy the best product that is available in the market in a high range. When you make use of the right one you will be free from side effects.