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Important Things To Know About STD By College Students

College days are the most exciting days of life for everyone during this period of life, the college students used to think they are independent.

Here the students are exploring and party taking, make use of several recreational drugs and sexual activity.

It may seem to be fun for those students but this increases the percentage of college students get an STD that increases the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases.

The reality behind this is there is a lack of knowledge about it and to minimize the STD transmission in the student population there it requires education about sexual activity.

It is should be highly focused on the youth people because when they get sufficient information about the STDs they may take the safety measures, which can reduce the STD population between the student population.

minimize the STD transmission

Things that college students must know about the STDs

The fact is that one in four college students having a sexually transmitted infection with them, maybe seems too scary but this is the truth.

Around 25% of students in the college suffering from STDs. Annually more than half of the young adults with the age between 15-24 are diagnosed with the new STD.

The most common STDs among college campuses are Chlamydia, Human Papillomavirus, and the HSV-2 Genital Herpes. Among these, most of the STDs are treatable and curable.

Most of the STD will not show any kind of symptoms during their starting stage of infection. Around 80% of STD patients won’t know that they have an STD infection due to a lack of symptoms.

In this case, if you have the sexual relationship you should get tested regularly to diagnose the STD during their initial stage.

The main reason why the students become the victim for the STD is due to no proper knowledge or safety measures.

Most of the fresher used to drink and have sexual intercourse with their college mates or with unknown people this leads to the easy transmission of STD to one to another. Through using the condoms, you can have sexual activity and in this way, you will not become the victim to the STD.

The relationship between the STDs and college students is more prominent due to their lack of knowledge if they are educated about sexual activity, the percentage of STD transmission can be minimized.

Final verdicts

Above are the important things that every college student should get to know, because when they got an idea about the STD transmission they may take the safety measures.