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They are out there...
Widen your reach...Focus your search...Create genuine connections with students...
all over the world!
They are out there...
Widen your reach...
Focus your search...
Create genuine connections with students...
all over the world!


Making the Path to College Easier

CollegeEase allows high school students to learn about their college options, connect with admissions staff at member schools, and helps increase their odds of success by empowering them with information and encouraging them with support.

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CollegeEase for Students

High school students can use CollegeEase as both a research and promotional tool.

We have data on thousands of post-secondary schools. Students can get information about basics, like tuition and enrollment, and can even follow their favorite schools' social media feeds.

We collect student preferences for different decision-making criteria to help present them with options they may not have realized existed.

Students can post grades and test scores and maintain a feed of honors, awards, and extracurricular activities touting their achievements.

CollegeEase for Admissions

CollegeEase is an incredibly targeted marketing tool for college admissions staff.

Find Prospects
We have the ability to search across a large number of data points to get admissions staff very targeted lists of students. We collect demographic information, school preference data, academic records, information about extracurricular activities and interests to paint a detailed picture of each student.

Outreach and Promotion
In addition to social media feeds, member schools can post directly to the CollegeEase news feed for students who are following their school. Admissions staff can also send messages back and forth with individual students via CollegeEase.

They are out there...Get started finding students all over the world!

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